Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held July 7, 2012

1.  Call to Order: President Bruce Butler called the meeting to order at 9:06 am.

2.  Approve 6/18/12 Minutes: The minutes were mailed in August, 2011 and also posted on the Blue
     Lake Association Website.  The minutes were approved as written. 

3.  Treasurerís Report: Jim Peterson: (As of 6/30/12) The association checkbook balance is $1,721.60. 
     We had 17 members who have paid association dues for 2011, (The last 3 years we had 24 paying
     members)  totaling $340.00 of revenue.  An additional $200.00 in contributions was made by several
     property owners for AIS inspections at the  public landing, making a grand total in revenue of $518.50.
     Expenses for the past year were $863.74.   A copy of the treasurerís report detailing transactions is
     attached to the minutes.     COLA water testing: This year, the cost for COLA water testing will be
     $210.00.   Motion 1: After discussion, a motion was approved to pay $210.00 for COLA water
  Melodee Monicken motioned, Ron Jacobson seconded.  Motion carried.  

4.  Hubbard County COLA Report: Pete Tuomisto:

-Blue Lake clarity testing:  Ron Jacobson does the testing 4 or 5 times per year.   Blue Lake clarity is steady year to year.

-COLA: Ensures Shoreland Regulations are followed.  Pete described some of the many positive things COLA does.  

-Blue Lake landing inspections:  The inspectors report that there have been no problems with boats entering or leaving Blue Lake so far.  The Association donated $500 toward inspection hours at the landing and several Blue Lake members also contributed a combined $200.   This amount will cover 160 inspection hours at the landing.   This is all the inspection hours for this year.  Donations sent directly to Hubbard County COLA are encouraged to pay for more inspection hours, but will go towards inspection hours for next summer.

-Zebra Mussel testing: An easy test is to tie a rope to a small cement block and suspend it in the water under your dock or similar structure.  The block has to be in under the waterís surface at least one foot and at least 18 inches off the bottom of the lake.  Pete gave concrete blocks to several members to initiate the process of testing.  Other property owners are encouraged to suspend a block for testing also, because it is beneficial to detect Zebra Mussels early.  

-Restore the Shore order forms:  Beneficial native plant can be purchased in smaller amounts through this program.   Pete is the coordinator.  Oder forms, with details, including the deadline date for ordering will be made available on the Blue Lake website.   Filled out forms are due back to Pete in September.   See form for details.

5.  New Business:

A.MN COLA website regarding AIS infested waters:  Pete T. reported that the website has lots of good information, including a link that lists lakes and what, if any, AIS are in the lake.   Other states are not as attentive or aware of AIS as Minnesota and this means out of state boaters are
visiting MNís lakes with much less knowledge and awareness of the threat of transporting AIS to lakes they visit.    Steve S. will ensure the Blue Lake website has the link to the MN COLA website.   

      B.  Guest Speaker Darrin Hoverson, Area Hydrologist from the MN DNR:  Darrin made the
              following points:
1.The DNR did a water quality assessment in 2004.  The goal is to have a baseline for long term water quality data.  He encouraged us to put this assessment on our website.
2.This past winter: Low water level (Draught) combined with little snow caused the sand to freeze creating conditions for worse than usual ice dam damage on the shores of many of the lakes in our area.
3.Closing the road on the North end of the lake was a beneficial action because there now is improved habitat around the lake where the road was.
4.Vegetation Buffers are beneficial for the lake.
5.Blue Lake should be enjoyed and used by people, so people need to take care of the lake.
6.The Dam:
a.Since itís not a DNR dam and the county does not want to take responsibility for it, the adjoining property owners are responsible for it.  (Lindeman and Hosford)
b.Clarifying distinction: Grate removal is a decision (only) of the adjoining property owners.  (Other property owners should not be touching the grate)  However, changing the water level of the lake requires a permit from the DNR, which requires agreement from the majority of property owners around the lake.
c.If the two adjoining property owners choose to keep the grate in place, then they are responsible to keep it free of debris and flowing freely.
d.In 1996, there was a survey done to determine the legal ďOrdinary High Water LevelĒ (OHWL).  A few years ago, Kirk English determined there was no change in the OHWL.
e.OHWL is determined by a calculation utilizing certain tree species, other shoreline vegetation and measurements.
f.In the 1950ís and 1960ís there were lots of dams placed in lakes.   The DNR now knows this was not a good idea and removes dams from lakes.  (When they have jurisdiction of the dam)
g.There is a marker on the dam indicating the OHWL for Blue Lake.

      C.  Discussion of dam based on Darrin Hoversonís presentation: We had a good discussion after
            Darrinís presentation.  After discussion, a plan was decided as described through the motions
            listed below: (Note for clarity:  Steve Lindeman was at the meeting, Dennis Hosford was not)
            Motion 2: Steve Lindeman will talk with Dennis Hosford and Kay Gaylord regard their
            willingness to remove the grate from the dam.  If Lindeman and Hosford decide not to
            remove the grate, then the point is moot, and the grate will remain in place.   If Lindeman
            and Hosford decide they are willing to remove the grate, then a survey will be developed and
            given to all property owners before moving the grate as described in Motion 3.
  Jo Tuomisto
            motioned, Bruce Butler seconded.  Motion carried.

            Motion 3: If Lindeman and Hosford agree they are willing to remove the dam grate, a
            survey will be developed and given to all property owners before the grate is removed, to
            determine if there are any concerns with the water level and if they thought it advisable for
            the grate to be removed.  Lindeman and Hosford would then decide whether or not to
            remove the grate, based on what the majority of property owners wanted.  Bruce Butler
            motioned, Pete Tuomisto seconded.  Motion carried. 

            Motion4: If warranted by motion 3, a committee will be formed to develop the survey
            regarding the lake water level.   The survey will also include questions regarding
            the best dates to hold Blue Lake Association meetings and how many meetings per year
            people think would be beneficial. The committee will consist of Lanny Jones, Bill Barth and
            Steve Schoener.  A draft will be sent to property owners for suggestions and comments
            before the final survey is sent out.  Jim Peterson motioned, Bruce Butler seconded.

      D.  Election of Officers: (President, Vice President, COLA Representative)
The President and Vice President offices are up for a 3 year term.  After discussion, Pete Tuomisto was nominated for a 3 year term as President, and Mark Larson was nominated for a 3 year term as Vice President.  Pete Tuomisto has agreed to continue as COLA representative for another year.  Motion 5: The Blue Lake Association approves the following people and terms: Pete Tuomisto as President and Mark Larson as Vice President, each for a 3 year term;  Pete Tuomisto to continue as COLA Representative for another year. Melodee Moniken motioned, Steve Schoener seconded.  Motion carried.   (Next year, 2013, we will elect the Secretary office for a 3 year term)

     E.  Website:   Motion 6: The Association approves $200 for the cost of the domain name, hosting
           fees, and maintenance work on the website.  (Adding/ deleting information)  Jo Tuomisto 
           motioned, Sandy Jones seconded.  Motion carried.

     F.  Motion 7:
At the end of the meeting, there was a motion approved to pay for extra testing
           using the water samples taken with the net while monitoring for zebra mussels.  Each test
           cost $90 and the association approved $180 for two tests.  Lynn Middleton-Koller motioned,
           Ron Jacobson seconded.  Motion carried.

6.   Next yearís meeting date: July, 6, 2013, 9:00 am, presumably at the Lake Emma Township Hall -
      if they approve us using it again next year!  

7.  Adjournment: 11:21 am.   

Please remember to periodically check the website:

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I can pass along information throughout the year.
Thanks, Steve Schoener, Secretary.

Officerís Contact  Information:
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Vice President Mark Larson:  218-732-0412
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