Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held July 6, 2013

1.  Call to Order: President Pete Tuomisto called the meeting to order at 9:04 am.

2.  Guest Speaker: Doug Kingsley, MN DNR Fisheries Manager.  Doug presented information related to
      fish and fish habitat regarding Blue Lake.  Some highlights include:  Primary fish management
      species in Blue Lake include Walleyes, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Tullibee (Cisco) and Northern Pike.
      The last fish survey down on Blue was 2009.  The current Blue Lake Management plan was
      developed in 2011, 2 years after the survey.  Long range goals for Blue: Walleyes abundance of 10 per
      gill net.  Perch: 7 per gill net. Rainbow: increase size.  Maintain fish related communities and protect
      habitat.  Doug explained statistically (Using many graphs) the DNR information related to stocking of
      the above mention fish species and the comparison to desired effects.   Walleyes are reproducing
      resulting in a small amount of new fish (less than 20%) where as the vast majority of new fish is from
      stocking.   Northern Pike numbers are low, but with a good number of large fish.  Tullibee (Cisco) is
      what the predatory fish feed on.    Rainbows are not reproducing at all.

       Water Quality:  Big Three important factors:  1. Phosphorus – the fertilizer that  grows plans, 2.
       Chlorophyll – microscopic plants, and 3. Secci disk- measures water clarity.  Comparing all three on
       one scale is called the Tropic State Index (TSI).  Data from 1995 to 2012 shows very little change in
       the TSI.

       Since Blue Lake’s predator fish rely heavily on Tullibee (Ciscso) Doug explained the dissolved
       oxygen/water temperature measurements  and how that relates to the survival of Tullibee.  In extra
       warm water years, the Tullibee need to go deeper to find cooler water, but also where there is less
       oxygen, resulting in a poor survival rate.

       This information can be found on the DNR Website.(The Blue Lake Website has a DNR tab also)
       Once on the DNR website, click on “Lake Finder” , type in “Blue Lake”, and “Hubbard County”.

3.   Approve 6/18/12 Minutes: The minutes were mailed and emailed in August, 2012 and also posted on
      the Blue Lake Association Website.  The minutes were approved as written. 

4.  Treasurer’s Report: Jim Peterson: (As of 6/30/13) The association checkbook balance is $1,375.58. 
     We had 21 members who have paid association dues for 2012, totaling $420.00 of revenue.  
     Expenses for the past year were $756.02.   Our expenses are almost twice of what are revenue is.  This
     is not sustainable.   There will be a discussion later in the agenda related to increasing dues.  A copy of
    the treasurer’s report detailing transactions is attached to the minutes.   Motion 1: After discussion, a
    motion was approved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Rich Moen motioned, Lynn Middleton   
   seconded.  Motion carried.  

5.  Hubbard County COLA Report: Pete Tuomisto:

a. Buffer zone:  need to keep increasing.  Plants are available.   If there is interest,  a day training of best practices could be arranged at a Blue
Lake property.  (Other could come and learn)  If interested, contact Pete Tuomisto.
b. Restore the Shore forms – can order 5 plants rather than a bundle of 25.  The plants can be used anywhere on your property, it’s not just limited
to the shoreline.  Order forms were available at the meeting and will be mailed with the minutes and posted on the Blue Lake website.

c. $5.00 Sponge kit: This is a COLA fundraiser.  The sponges can be used for cleaning out your boat when putting in/taking out of the lake.
d. Pottery Sale:  Another COLA fundraiser.  Order sheet included with minutes mailing and on the Blue Lake website.
e. Information sheets regarding Blue Lake were available at the meeting. (Info from DNR website)
f. Ron Jacobson continues to do the secci disk water clarity monitoring and giving the information to the DNR.
g. Boat access inspections:  Did not find any Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) in 2012 during the inspections.  Cost: 100 hours x $15 per hour. 
Donations toward this are encouraged and would be appreciated.  Blue Lake Association will pay the $155 minimum requirement.
h. Zebra mussel testing:  None found so far.  Everyone is encouraged to pay attention when putting in and pulling out docks and boat lifts, because
that’s when they are usually discovered.

6.  2013 Blue Lake Survey Results:  Pete reported the number one concern was preventing AIS from
      coming to Blue Lake. 

7.  New Business:

A. MN COLA website regarding AIS infested waters:  Pete T. reported that the website has lots of good information, including a link that lists
lakes and what, if any, AIS are in a particular lake.

      B.  Election of Officers: (Secretary)
The Secretary office is up for a 3 year term.  Steve Schoener has been Secretary since 2006 and is no longer interested in continuing.  The
Secretary materials and duty list is well organized and Steve will assist the new person in learning the duties.  There were no volunteers at the
meeting.  If anyone is interested, please contact Pete Tuomisto.     (Next year, 2014, we will elect the Treasurer office for a 3 year term)

     C.  Website:   Motion 2: The Association approves $136.87 for the cost of the domain name,
           hosting fees, and maintenance work on the website.  (Adding/ deleting information)  Melodee
           Moniken  motioned, Jo Tuomisto seconded.  Motion carried.

     D.  Increasing association dues: Our dues are currently $20.00, much less than other lake
           associations in the area.   The association is also not meeting expenses each year based on dues. 
          We have  more testing than before, a website to maintain., boat access inspections, etc., an increase
           in expenses is needed.  A motion was passed to increase expenses for next year (2014) to $40.00.
           The Association approves increasing the annual dues to $40.00, effective 2014.  Al Henderson
           motioned, Deb Schoener seconded.  Motion carried.

           The goal is to increase participation and membership in the association by making the annual
           meetings positive and increasing good communication between property owners.  A united Blue
           Lake is a better Blue Lake.

6.   Next year’s meeting date: Saturday June, 21, 2014, 9:00 am, presumably at the Lake Emma
      Township Hall –  if they approve us using it again next year!  

7.  Adjournment: 10:39 am.   

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I can pass along information throughout the year via email.
Thanks, Steve Schoener, Secretary.

Officer’s Contact  Information:
President Pete Tuomisto:  24862 Hearth Drive, Park Rapids, MN  56470   Phone: 218-732-0963
HYPERLINK ""    Cell:  612-597-1386          
Vice President Mark Larson:  218-732-0412
Jim Peterson: HYPERLINK ""
Secretary Steve Schoener: HYPERLINK ""   (Until new secretary is named)