Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held July 5, 2008

1.  Call to Order: President Bruce Butler called the meeting to order at 9:35 am.

2.  Guest Speaker: Ken Grob from the Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA): Mr. Grob gave a very
     informative and detailed presentation which included a packet of handouts (About 20 pages worth) that
     I can no way begin to summarize in these minutes, so I will hit some of the highlights. 

COLA Overview: COLA has six standing committees, A board of directors, encourages
             representatives from each lake association to attend meetings, has a newsletter (2,000 copies go
             out), encourages an email coordinator be designated at each lake association to pass along
             information to it’s members, membership of COLA consists of 30 associations and over 2,000
             members, they have a website: <> , they do water quality
             monitoring for 38 lakes, put on a children’s fresh water festival, attend local government
             meetings, promote Healthy Lakes and Rivers Program (HLRP), obtained a $9,000.00 grant from
             the DNR for their Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force, just to name only a portion of their

State Rule Making Process on New Shoreland ordinances: The Current rules were last updated
            In 1987 (21 years old) and need to be updated.  The DNR has set forth a plan on getting public
            input into the new rules via geographically focused advisory committees, which include local
            governments, lake associations, citizens, watershed districts, grass roots groups, etc.  The process
            will take a couple of years to complete.

New Dock Regulations: To be included in the new Shoreland Ordinances.

COLA Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Projects: COLA Signs: “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers”,
            awareness Campaign, volunteer training to inspect boats/trailers at landings, work with resort
            owners to educate patrons and to do inspections, etc.  COLA works with the DNR and the counties
            in developing strategies to stop the spread of AIS.

“Star Lakes” Legislation: Lake Associations need at least 50% membership to participate.

Blue Lake Association Items: 1) Update the Blue Lake mailing list and give to COLA so those
            who want it can receive the COLA Newsletter. (We may try to post it on the Blue Lake Website)
            2) Send a representative to COLA meetings (All reps belong to a committee).  3) Support the
            Aquatic Invasive Species task force, 4) Designate a lake association email coordinator, so
            information can be emailed to the coordinator and then be passed along to Blue Lake Association

3.  Approve 7/14/07 Minutes: The minutes were mailed in October, 2007.  The minutes were approved 
     as written.  Brenda Johnson motioned, Pete Touomisto seconded.    Motion carried.

4.  Blue Lake Association Website: The Association has a new website:
     It is free and still being developed, but we will be able to post meeting minutes, announcements of
     events and other information regarding the association and the lake.  We currently have links to the
     DNR and COLA, and we hope to add other links to other information such as water clarity and water
     pollution data specific to Blue Lake.  The hope is to provide Blue Lake residents with useful current
     information and also cut back on paper mailings in the future.

5.  Treasurer’s Report: Jim Peterson: There is currently $1,043.00 in the association checkbook.  There
      were two checks written to COLA, ($140 for water monitoring, $64 for dues) and one to Steve
      Schoener ($84.00) for costs of copying and mailing 2007 Annual meeting notices and minutes.  As of
      the start of the meeting there were 21 paid Blue Lake Association dues for 2008.

6.  Questionnaire Results Discussion: (Bruce Reported)

Water Clarity: This continues to be the number one issue. 

Noise concerns: If folks are obeying the laws yet making noise, there is not much you can do
            except try to have a polite, friendly chat with them.  If they are breaking the law, call law

Shoreline Buffer: Cutting down lots of trees and mowing to the lake is not good for the lake.  The
          Association will continue to do it’s best to inform landowners of this.

             Lake Shore Aesthetics: It is recommended that owners keep and/or plant trees on the lakeshore
             and keep buildings back off the shoreline because too many buildings on the shoreline causes
             property values to decline. 

Milfoil: The highest risk continues to be the public access.  Melodee Monicken handed out
             noxious weed info sheets.

Taxes: Bruce is aware of an organization that assists people in keeping property taxes down.  We
             will post the contact information on the Blue Lake website.

Law Enforcement: If there is an issue where people are breaking the law, call the proper
             authorities, do not handle law enforcement issues yourself.

7.  New Business:

A.Shoreline Restoration along old Half Moon Road:
The road is being vacated on 7/16/08 and it will be the responsibility of each property owner to restore the road bed back to a more natural state. (The Township will not be removing the road materials)  Cul-de-sacs, signs and berms will be added to each closed end of the road.

Melodee Monicken and Kris Bettin have been looking for grants to help fund restoring the old road bed back to a natural state.  They have discovered that grant applications require a detailed plan of follow up and maintenance of projects they fund, or they may want their grant money returned.  Needed from the association is: 1.) Support to pursue grant applications, 2.) Support from association members to “In-kind” contributions - contributing time and resources to the project.  All lake property owners should be involved in “In-kind” contributions. 

** NOTE: Grant applications require a high percentage of participation in the association that is applying for a grant.  The Blue Lake Association averages only about a third to a half of all property owners who are members of the association.  Please consider becoming a member!

There is a possibility that the county or township would agree to be our fiscal agent, which would give us credibility when applying for grants.  After discussion, a motion was approved to form a committee consisting of Melodee Monicken and Kris Bettin to research grants for lake shore restoration. 

Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves forming a committee consisting of Melodee Monicken and Kris Bettin, for the purpose of researching grant opportunities and working with other agencies, to restore the shoreline along the closed portion of Half Moon Road.
Mike Webster motioned, Kris Bettin seconded.  Motion carried.

There was discussion about the timelines/deadlines for submitting grant applications and we  
realized that we could not wait until the July, 2009 meeting to vote on grant submissions, if
Melodee and Kris found a promising grant to apply for. To solve that problem, a motion was
passed to allow the association members to vote by email or U. S. mail, within a designated time
frame to respond with a vote, so that association officers could take appropriate actions as needed
(And approved via voting) for the association.  There was also discussion of looking at the
association by-laws and ensuring/adding email and US mail voting as a means of conducting
business between the annual business meetings.

Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves association members voting on association
            business by email or US mail and will include a specific deadline for vote responses, for the
            purpose of authorizing association officers to take action needed to carry out approved
            association business.
Bill McDermott motioned, Jim Peterson seconded.  Motion carried.

B.Donation to COLA Signs:
Based on the information presented by Ken Grob, a motion was approved to donate $50.00 to COLA for the purpose of putting up the “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers”
signs that are seen in the area.

Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves donating $50.00 to COLA (Coalition of Lake Associations) for the purpose of posting “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers” signs in the area.
Brenda Johnson motioned, Jim Peterson seconded.  Motion carried.

C.Blue Lake Coffee Social: All Blue Lake property owners and families are invited to a Coffee Social on Saturday, August 16, 2008, (Rain or Shine) 9:00 am - 11:00 am at the home of Pete and Jo Touomisto, 24862 Hearth Drive.  They are next to (South of) the public access. Directions: Cty Rd 40 to Half Moon Road, right on Hearth Drive, stay to the left, their house is at the end, on the left.  Park at their house or at the Jacobson’s right next door.  Bring your favorite mug! Coffee and goodies will be provided by the Blue Lake Association.  

D. Election of officers for 3 year term:  A suggestion was made that we should stagger the terms of the officers so they all do not leave their position at the same time.  This is typical of many non-profit organizations with volunteer officers and board members, because it provides some continuity as terms expire and new people take on a position.  After discussion, the members approved a motion to stagger the position terms.  Hence, Bruce and Brenda will continue as
President and Vice President for one more year, Steve as Secretary for two  more years and Jim as Treasurer for a full three year term.  Going forward, officers will have staggered 3 year terms.

The Blue Lake Association approves staggering officer’s terms according to the specific officer terms as follows:  Bruce Butler will continue as President for one year (Term ends 7/09), Brenda Johnson (Boterman) will continue as Vice President for one year (Term ends 7/09), Steve Schoener will continue as Secretary for two years (Term ends 7/10), Jim Peterson will continue as Treasurer for a full 3 year term. (Term ends 7/11).  Going forward, officers will have staggered 3 year terms.
Bill McDermott motioned, Jo Touomisto seconded.  Motion carried.

8. Next years meeting date: July 18, 2009.  Meeting will begin at 9:00 am.   Come for coffee and to
    chat at 8:30 am!  Meetings are held at the Lake Emma Town Hall.  We decided we will not have a
    guest speaker next year, because we will have plenty of business to discuss without one.

9. Adjournment: 11:24 am.    Brenda Johnson motioned to adjourn, Pete Touomisto seconded. 
    Motion carried.