Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held July 18, 2009

1.  Call to Order: President Bruce Butler called the meeting to order at 9:04 am.

2.  Guest Speaker: Ken Grob from the Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA): Mr. Grob gave a 
     presentation regarding The “Healthy Lakes and Rivers Program” (HLRP)  The program is sponsored
     by Hubbard COLA, Hubbard SWCD and Northwest Minnesota Foundation, and provides up to $5,000
     in grant money for individual lake associations to develop individual lake management plans that help
     strengthen the health and vitality of their lake. In addition, HLRP will provide up to $2,400 in
     performance grants to lake associations who participate in the HLRP process.  The process for
     participating in HLRP  and milestone/performance grants we could receive is as follows:

A.Fill out and send in the application by 8/31/09.
B.At least 5 people from our lake association must commit to attend the two initial training sessions, to occur in May/June of 2010. (Grant: $400)
C.All lake association members are invited to attend a group visioning session late June or early July 2010.  This is the brainstorming part of developing a lake management (strategic plan) for the lake.  (Grant: $400)
D.With help from COLA/SWCD/NWF, the final draft of the lake management plan will be completed. (Grant: $800)
E.Implement the highest priority action items in the plan first.  When these are implemented, the association becomes “Graduates” of the program. (Grant: $800)
F.Continue implanting action steps and activities which treat “causes” not “symptoms”.  ( Grants: Up to $5,000 for special projects)

*  This would be approximately a 2 year process.  It does not cost the association any money.

     After Ken’s presentation the association had a discussion about the possibility of the Blue Lake
     Association participating in HLRP.  After discussion we decided we are interested.  Members
     interested in attending the training (we need 5) include: Pete Tuomisto, Brenda Johnson, Ron
     Jacobson, Melodee Monicken.  Other members expressed interest but will need to consult their
     schedules.   A motion was passed to have Steve Schoener, (Secretary) fill out and send in the
     application before the 8/31/09 deadline.  Brenda Johnson motioned, Jim Peterson seconded. 
     Motion carried.

3.  Approve 7/5/08 Minutes: The minutes were mailed in August, 2008.  The minutes were approved 
     as written.  Pete Tuomisto motioned, Brenda Johnson seconded.    Motion carried.

4.  Treasurer’s Report: Jim Peterson: There is currently $1,061.65 in the association checkbook. 
     As of  the start of the meeting there were 15 paid Blue Lake Association dues for 2009.  Typically,
     more members pay after the meeting.  In 2008 there were 24 paid members.

5.  COLA Report: (Pete Tuomisto) Pete handed out a COLA flyer that has information regarding
     Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) including identifying and preventing the spread of them.  The map
     also shows which local lakes now have them.  A copy of the flyer will be mailed with the minutes.

-COLA volunteer program: There has been a student at the public access giving information to boaters regarding preventing the spread of Invasive Aquatic Species, including handing out the IAS flyers. (They do not do enforcement - information only) 

-Apparently the student puts a sticker on the boat trailer of boaters who have been trained in the proper preventative measures.

-Pete reviewed some of COLA’s activities and brought a sheet that members could review.

-“Restore the Shore”  tree ordering and planting through COLA:  Through COLA, you can order
            bundles as small as 5 trees, (Rather than SWCD 25 tree bundles).  Orders need to be give to our
            COLA coordinator (Pete Tuomisto) by 9/15/09.    Pete will contact you when your trees come in   
            May 2010.  (Order forms will be included in the minutes)

-Blue Lake Water Quality Characteristics:  This information goes back to May of 2002.  Members are encouraged to monitor this information on either the COLA or DNR website.

6.  Questionnaire Results Discussion: (Bruce Reported)

Water Clarity: Members are concerned about Milfoil and other Invasive Aquatic Species coming
             in through the public landing.  A question was raised whether we could have the DNR close the
             public landing (To protect the lake) and stock the fish ourselves.  It is unlikely the DNR would
             agree to this.

             A few members commented that many people coming to our area do not understand the “STOP
             AQUATIC HITCHIKERS” signs.  They do not know what Aquatic Hitchhikers are.  After
             discussion, a motion was approve to spend up to $250 to purchase a sign for the public
             access that explains Invasive Aquatic Species and how to prevent them from spreading.
             Kris Bettin motioned, Brenda Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.
  We will check with the
             DNR for approval and put it in a spot visible to boaters using the public access.

            Fireworks: Please clean up the sticks and debris if you shoot off fireworks.  A large amount of
            Debris has been washing up on shore and needed to be cleaned up by property owners.

            Jet Ski Rules: (DNR) Have to stop riding 1 hour before sunset and not before 9:30 am.  There is
            also a distance from shore (150 feet?) they need to remain.  Share this information with neighbors
            who may not be aware.  The regulations should also be told to your quests visiting the lake if
            they will be using jet skis.

            Public access: The DNR promised to improve the public access after Half Moon Road was
            closed.  What is the best way to follow up with that?  Ask DNR?  Melodee Monicken will do
            some checking on this.  The suggestion was made that we should find out ahead of time and
            possibly provide input into what the  DNR plans to do, so we are not surprised by what is done.

7.Shoreline Restoration along old Half Moon Road: (Melodee Monicken, Kris Bettin, Brenda Johnson)  A $5,000 grant was awarded to the Blue Lake Association for native trees and plants that have deep roots to be planted on the road bed.  Anheiser Busch, MN Fish and Wildlife and SWCD sponsored the grant.  Kris Bettin took photos, Melodee wrote the grant and Bob Guberud
generously donated money.  The association thanked all 4 for their part in obtaining the grant.
We will have to watch the new trees and plants because spotted knap weed and poison ivy is also
coming in.  It was suggested to pull the knap weed with gloves because it has carcinogenic properties in it.  A suggested way to kill poison ivy is to spray it with vinegar because it takes off

the wax off the leaves and the sun cooks the plant.  Information on this can be obtained from the DNR website.

8.  New Business:

A.SWCD Fee: The SWCD paid a $50 fee to be our fiscal agent in order to get our $5,000 grant.  It
seems very appropriate to reimburse them for the fee.  A motion was made and approve to reimburse the SWCD $50 for the fiscal agent fee they paid on our behalf.  Jo Tuomisto motioned, Brenda Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.

B.Recognition of members in good standing: Lucille Butler and Barb & Bob Guberud were awarded with a beautiful picture of Blue Lake.

C.Election of Officers: (President and Vice President, COLA Representative)
The president and vice president positions are up for a 3 year term.  After discussion, Bruce Butler was nominated for a second 3 year term as president and Brenda Johnson was nominated for a second 3 year term as vice president.  Pete Tuomisto agreed to continue as COLA representative for a second year.  Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves the following people and terms: Bruce Butler as President for a 3 year term; Brenda Johnson as Vice President for a 3 year term; Pete Tuomisto as COLA volunteer for another year. Pat Butler motioned, Ron Jacobson seconded.  Motion carried.

9. Next years meeting date: July 10, 2010.  Meeting will begin at 9:00 am.   Come for coffee and to
    chat at 8:30 am!  Meetings are held at the Lake Emma Town Hall.  Next year’s speaker: We will try to
    get Doug Kingsley from the DNR.

10. Adjournment: 10:55 am.    Ron Jacobson motioned to adjourn, Kris Bettin seconded.   Motion

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I will make a blue lake group and can alert you when something new has been added to the website.
Thanks, Steve Schoener, Secretary.

Social Gathering:  Friday, August 28, 2009 , 7 - 10 pm, at Mark and Linda Larson’s home.   24337, County Rd 4.  (Newer log home on south east side of lake)

Please come and chat with your fellow Blue Lake property owners/neighbors.

Bring:  Your beverage, an appetizer to share, and a chair to sit on.