Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held July 10, 2010

1.  Call to Order: President Bruce Butler called the meeting to order at 9:06 am.

2.  Approve 7/18/09 Minutes: The minutes were mailed in August, 2009.  The minutes were approved 
     as written. 

4.  Treasurer’s Report: Jim Peterson: As of 6/30/10 the association checkbook balance is $2,047.50. 
     One year ago at this time (6/30/09) the balance was $1,061.65.  $800 of the increase is due to the NW
     MN Foundation grant.   As of the start of this year’s meeting, 17 members paid Blue Lake
     Association dues for 2010.  Typically, a few more members pay after the meeting.  In 2009 there were
     24 paid members.

     COLA has a $1,500 shortfall in their budget for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) inspection program. 
     After discussion, a motion was made to donate $100 to COLA to help cover the $1,500 shortfall.
     Pete Tuomisto motioned, Bill McDermott seconded.  Motion carried.

5.  COLA Report: (Pete Tuomisto)

-COLA can provide training on how to take Oxygen levels at various lake depths, to determine how deep fish can swim and have enough 0xygen to survive.  I believe Pete said he has been trained.

- Secci disk readings have been taken ongoing on Blue Lake.

-AIS:  Some of the best preventative measures are to remove plants from boats and trailers, pull the plugs and empty live well water and not throw extra live bait fish into a lake.

-“Restore the Shore”  tree ordering and planting through COLA:  Through COLA, you can order
            bundles as small as 5 trees, (Rather than SWCD 25 tree bundles).  Orders need to be give to our
            COLA coordinator (Pete Tuomisto) by 10/4/10.    This year you can get smaller quantities - (you
            don’t have to buy a whole specific size bundle like in the past) Pete will contact you when your
            trees come in May 2010.  (Order forms will be included in the minutes)

-Restoring the abandoned roadbed:  Additional volunteers are needed to help water the trees that have been planted.  The native grass and trees are growing, but they need watering to stay alive! 

-HLRP grant project:  Pete gave an overview of the Health Lakes and Rivers Program grant that Blue Lake Association has been participating in.  The application was approved at the 7/18/09 association meeting.  Blue Lake was accepted to participate and a group of association members attended training in April.  The purpose of the HLRP grant is to provide funding for lake associations so they develop a strategic plan for their lake.  The strategic plan or “lake management plan” identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the lake.  Then goals and action plans are developed to achieve desired outcomes.   Molly Zins is here today at the meeting to help the association through the “Visioning Session” portion of the lake management plan.

6.  New Business:

A.COLA’s legal fund (Rice Bay PUD): COLA is looking for donations for their legal fund because of a lawsuit that has been filed to stop the apparent ordinance breaking approval of 11 boat slips on

one of the Crow Wing Lakes.  The ordinance allows for 3 boat slips, and apparently the county granted approval of 11 boat slips.  More information can be found on the Hubbard County COLA  Website.

B.Election of Officers: (Secretary, COLA Representative)
The secretary position is up for a 3 year term.  After discussion, Steve Schoener was nominated for a second 3 year term as Secretary.  Pete Tuomisto agreed to continue as COLA representative for another year.  Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves the following people and terms: Steve Schoener as Sescretary for a 3 year term;  Tuomisto to continue as COLA Representative for another year. Brenda Johnson motioned, Bill McDermott seconded.  Motion carried.   (Next year, 2011, we will elect the Treasurer position)

C.Website: The current (Free) Ning Blue Lake website will be discontinued because Ning is discontinuing their free websites.   Steve Schoener suggests that we have a real website developed by a professional, so that the site has all the features that the association wants and is easy to adapt to our needs when necessary.  Ning was limited in what it could do and was difficult to manage.
Steve has a friend who is willing to build a website to meet our needs for a reasonable cost.  The cost could be covered by the HLRP grant money. After discussion, a motion was made to approve up to $800 for the development of a new Blue Lake web site.  Brenda Johnson motioned, Jo Tuomisto seconded.  Motion carried.

7.   Next year’s meeting date:
June, 18, 2011, 9:00 am, presumably at the Lake Emma Township Hall -
      if they approve us using it again next year!  (We moved the meeting to June, thinking more people
      may be able to attend before the busyness of July sets in)

8. Visioning Session with Molly Zins: Molly took us through the visioning session, in which we broke
     into 3 groups and identified needs,  and developed goals and action plans to ultimately improve the
     health of the lake.  The work from this meeting will be incorporated in the Blue Lake Management

9.  Adjournment: 11:14 am.    Jim Peterson motioned to adjourn, Melodee Monicken seconded.    
      Motion carried.

Please remember to periodically check the NEW website: <>   

Please send me your email address.  You can email me at <>
I will make a blue lake group and can alert you when something new has been added to the website.
Thanks, Steve Schoener, Secretary.

Social Gathering:  None currently scheduled