Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held June 20, 2015

1. Call to Order:  President Pete Tuomisto called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

2. Introductions:  All present introduced themselves and indicated their locations on the lake and how long they have been there.

3. Approve  2014 Minutes:  Last year's minutes were approved as written.  Accept motion : Teri Moen

4. Treasurer's Report 6/01/14 through 5/31/15: Jim Peterson
The association was $319.67 in the black at the end of 2014/15. Jim noted that this is very positive.  He noted that this situation is due to increased membership
which yielded additional dues revenue, plus additional contributions. He reported that we should be able to stay in the black in the coming year, as a result of the
increase in dues to $40. Jim will try to get our Association designated as tax exempt which will allow dues to be deducted from income taxes.  Accept motion:  Ron

Pete Tuomisto made the following remarks:
· COLA water testing expense was $155 down from $210.
· There will no longer be an expense for Dahl Computers for the Blue Lake Association website. The owner will work with Steve Schoener to keep website
information updated at no charge.
· Watercraft Inspections will be  $700. NOTE: Lake Emma Township contributes an additional $1000 toward the cost of inspections for Blue Lake. Some
additional funding for inspections may be coming from the state.
· Boat inspections seem to be concentrated  during the late afternoon/evening on major holiday weekends and the opener.

5. COLA report  Pete Tuomisto
· Where does $40.00 dues payments go to?  He went through expenses and income from dues.  We are keeping in the black with 25 members.  2014 we
had 25 paid members.  COLA water testing and AIS boat inspections account for 90% of dues.
· Water monitoring trends show a decrease in phosphorous (great news!) and no change in chlorophyll and secchi depth (15.0 feet Mean after 65
· Water level readings per DNR Lakefinder website shows from the lowest level  to the highest level  recorded from  6/15/2004 to 6/15/2014 was 13”.
· The past winter was very tough on lakeshores in the area including Blue Lake with the damage done by ice ridges.
· The 2014 Boat Inspections showed that Blue Lake has well below the area average in boat launchings  but they offer  a very good chance at educating the
boaters about Aquatic Invasive Species.

· Restore the Shore Program
Consider ordering inexpensive plants and trees through the Restore the Shore program. Order by mid-September to receive delivery in May.  Contact Pete.

· Zebra Mussel Testing
Pete continues to test for veligers (zebra mussels) in August. He reminded the membership that it's important to check for this invasive species in the fall when
pulling boat sifts and docks out of the water. He suggested hanging a cement block off the end of the dock during the summer and examining it for zebra mussels.
If any are found, the DNR should be contacted.

6. Member Survey
· The number one concern of Blue Lake members/residents is AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species), such as Eurasian water milfoil and zebra mussels.
· One respondent suggested closing the public access.
· Swimmer’s itch is more prevalent.  Suggestion is do not feed the ducks and keep domestic ducks out of the lake.

7.  Richard Hamilton Smith   Update on Enbridge Pipeline
Richard , a Blue Lake resident and founder of Friends of the Headwaters, spoke about the Enbridge Corporation's plan to run an oil pipeline (the "Sandpiper")
through our Headwaters region, which is among the most environmentally valuable – and vulnerable --  in the state of Minnesota. 

Richard explained that the Certificate of Need was approved on June 5th
Richard encouraged members to share their opinions about the proposed Sandpiper project with their state senators and representatives, as well as to write
letters to the editors of local and state newspapers.

There is a Friends of Headwaters “Silent Auction and Concert” on August 16th @7pm at the PR area High School.  Contributions to FOH are tax exempt.

More information about the efforts of Friends of the Headwaters can be found on their website at:

8. Election of Officers

For the second year in a row, Pete Tuomisto opened nominations for Secretary of the Blue Lake Association, a 3-year term. This office entails taking notes at
meetings, typing them up and getting them printed, and submitting them to the web master.  Steve Schoener, outgoing Secretary, estimates that this requires
about 8 hours per year.  There were no nominations for Secretary at this time.

President and Vic e President

Pete was elected to continue as President for the next three years.  Ron Jacobson was elected as Vice President also for the next three years.

9. Final Items

Blue Lake Social –
Emmaville Café will no longer be the meeting place for the socials.  Options offered included Zorbaz. Dorset Café, Conservation Club if a pot luck, and Bogey’s.  No
decision was made and Jo Tuomisto will do some research on location and date of the next social.

9. Next Year's Meeting Date
Next year's meeting was scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2016.

10. Adjournment – 10:20 am