Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held June 18, 2011

1.  Call to Order: President Bruce Butler called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.

2.  Approve 7/10/10 Minutes: The minutes were mailed in August, 2010 and also posted on the Blue
     Lake Association Website.  The minutes were approved as written. 

3.  Treasurerís Report: Jim Peterson: As of 5/31/11 the association checkbook balance is $2,585.34. 
     HLRP grant income was $4,031.94.  Restoration expenses were $3,065.54.   We only have 15
     members who have paid association dues for 2011.  Last year we had 24 dues paying members.  A
     copy of the treasurerís report is attached to the minutes.

     A motion was passed to reimburse COLA for the full cost of water testing, as we have in years
     past.   Jim Peterson motioned, Sandy Jones seconded. Motion carried.

4.  COLA Report: (Written report submitted by Pete Tuomisto)

-Invasive Aquatic Species (AIS) monitoring and prevention is a high priority for our area as well as for the state.  This year we have no interns monitoring at the access as we had in the past two years.(Because of budget cutbacks)  Volunteer Watercraft Inspection Training Session will be held 6/28/11, 3:30pm at Ken Grobís storage barn - 15388 Haakon Drive.  Pete is planning on attending and encourages others to attend.

-Invasive Species Handout: We are most concerned with curly leaf pond weed (Portage), Zebra mussel (Mille Lacs, etc.) Spiny Water flea (Leach), Eurasian Milfoil (Leach).  Remember, AIS can come up from Potato.  Mussels can affect sandy beaches.  We have to alert all lake members to be on the watch for Zebra Mussels when we take out our docks in the late summer.  You can learn more at the training session 6/28/11.

-Restore the Shore order forms:  Were handed out at the meeting and will be sent along with the minutes, as well as posted on the website.   Filled out forms are due back to Pete September 19, 2011.

-Lake monitoring: See the Secchi and TSI readings from 2002 through 2010.  (Attached)  There are no discernable trends.

-Hubbard County COLA is working hard to keep the Shoreland regulations enforced.   (There was a discussion that the DNR and the County are allowing people to do things prohibited by the regulations.  Blue Lake property owners need to attend County meetings to ensure regulations are followed.)

-Hubbard County Shoreland Guide  to Lake Stewardship Brochure:  Copies of these brochures were brought to the meeting and will be mailed with the minutes.

5.  New Business:

A.Update on Grants:
Through purchases and assistance supported by the SWCD, MN Waters and Lake Emma Township grants, we have planted over 1700 native trees and shrubs and seeded

native grasses and wildflowers on the Cohn and Hohlfelder properties since 2009.  Volunteers and assistants provided by the SWCD have tried to eliminate the proliferating spotted knapweed on the abandoned roadbed. An intern at SWCD will assist the association this summer in maintaining the plantings and continuing the effort to eradicate the spotted knapweed.   Anyone who wants to help with this should e-mail me. 

            Fullfilling the HLRP Vision/Action Plan: According to the 2010 Healthy Lakes and Rivers 
           "visioning" process, the association wanted to emphasize: 

1.growing and revitalizing the Blue Lake Association, as measured by increased membership
(goal: 45 households by 10/2012) and more "involved" members.
2.improving and maintaining water quality, as measured through higher secchi readings (goal:
average of 20 feet clarity by 10/2012) and a lower Trophic Status Index (goal: average of 36 TSI by 10/2012).

                *   In order to receive the rest of the grant money, we need to finish our goals.

                     Growing Association Action  Plan:
                     Each of the 25 or so Association Members will contact 1 or 2 of the 60 property owners to
                     discuss the barriers preventing them from participating in the association and take
                     suggestions of how to eliminate those barriers, etc.   Association officers will assign names
                     of who will contact whom.

Water Quality Action Plan:
                     Out of this report came a discussion regarding determining the reasons why water clarity is
                      not improving despite Half Moon road being closed on the North end of the lake.   There
                      were several ideas offered and a motion was passed to once again look into factual
                      reasons  why water quality is not improving.  This includes putting together a written
                      history as well as requesting assistance from the DNR, MPCA or others who can
                      provide us with reasons supported by scientific data.  Bruce Butler motioned, Jim
                      Peterson seconded.   Motion carried.

      B.  Hohlfelder Property for Sale: Both of the Hohlfelder properties are for sale.  Together, these
           properties comprise 849 shoreline feet and over 17 acres.    It is hoped that somebody with an
           environmental conscience buys the property--a developer dreaming of a Planned Unit
           Development could create significant issues for our small lake.   (The trees and shrubs we've
           planted should still be there--no matter who buys the property)   We had a discussion regarding
           possible ways for the land to be purchased and preserved.  Brainstorming ideas included a group
           (or individual)  property owner (s) purchasing the property, forming a non-profit and having the
           non-profit purchase the property, looking into Legacy Grant  or a Land Trust to purchase.  Several
           people in attendance said they would look into the various options.  

           Question/survey for property owners:  Are you interested  in looking into some kind of group
           purchase of the Hohlfelder property?   Please email the officers and provide a few details and or
           suggestions regarding your interest, or reasons why you are not interested. (Contact info provided
           at the end of these minutes and on the website.)

           There was the reminder that the county has been very liberal in approving requests that go against

           Shoreland standards, so we need to pay attention to, and attend meetings where variances, etc. may
           be requested for developing the Hohlfelder property.    There was also a suggestion that the Blue
           Lake Association/COLA  send a letter to Hubbard County stating that we are concerned, and to
           please follow/enforce the Shoreland regulations.

      C.  Election of Officers: (Treasurer, COLA Representative)
The treasurer office is up for a 3 year term.  After discussion, Jim Peterson was nominated for a second 3 year term as Treasurer.  Pete Tuomisto has agreed to continue as COLA representative for another year.  Motion: The Blue Lake Association approves the following people and terms: Jim Peterson as Treasurer for a 3 year term;  Tuomisto to continue as COLA
Representative for another year. Eric Barth motioned, Brenda Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.
   (Next year, 2012, we will elect the President and Vice President offices)

     D.  Website:   A motion was passed to approve $300 for the cost of the domain name, hosting
           fees, and maintenance work on the website.  (Adding/ deleting information)  Larger projects
           like adding a Blue Lake Association Manual, would be negotiated on a case by case basis. 
           Brenda Johnson motioned, Sandy Jones seconded.  Motion carried.

6.   Next yearís meeting date: July, 7, 2012, 9:00 am, presumably at the Lake Emma Township Hall -
      if they approve us using it again next year!  (The membership directed the Secretary to mail reminder
      postcards one month before the meeting and again one week before the meeting)

7.  Adjournment: 11:27 am.    Barb Guberud motioned to adjourn, Jim Peterson seconded.    
      Motion carried.

Please remember to periodically check the NEW website: <>   

Please send me your email address.  You can email me at <>
I can alert you by email when something new has been added to the website.
Thanks, Steve Schoener, Secretary.

Officerís Contact  Information:
President Bruce Butler: <>
Vice President Brenda Johnson: <>
Treasurer Jim Peterson: <>
Secretary Steve Schoener: <>

Social Gathering:  None currently scheduled.  However, Bruce indicated that Butlerís may host a gathering.  If one is scheduled, we will notify everyone.  (Email, Post on Website, possibly a postcard, etc.)