Annual Meeting Minutes
Held June 17, 2017
Call to Order: President Pete Tuomisto called the meeting to order at 9:10 am.

2. Introductions: 
All present introduced themselves and indicated their locations on the lake and how long they have been there.

3. Guest Speaker:
Nick Kramer  MPCA Compliance and Enforcement

Nick provides the septic systems tech support for homeowners. 
Some notes:
-normal house peak is 6,000 gal/day.  Too much water will overflow the drainfield
-septic/soil treatment should be at least 50’ of deep wells, 100’ for sand point wells
-pump every three years which is typical for 4 person family
-best time to pump your tank is summer
-do not use Drano – knocks out the decomposing bacteria for about 5 days
-limit use of bleach
-septic systems additives are not needed
-wipes (including flushables) should not go down any drain or toilet- septic system or not
-best to pump tank through the manhole vs the inspection holes
-best not to use garbage disposal – may need larger tank to properly operate if disposal is used
-90 – 95% of septic systems maintainers are licensed – check with MPCA website
-contact Nick at the Detroit Lakes MPCA office   218-847-1519 with questions

4. Approval of 2016 minutes

5. Treasurer’s report  

Only 30 paid members from 2016.  Need to have better contributions from Blue Lake residents.  Dues pay for COLA water testing - which has shown that for 75 observations (over 15 years) that total Phosphorous has been decreasing while the Secchi Disk readings, the Chlorophyll-a readings,  and Trophic State Index have shown no significant trends while remaining at low levels.  The dues also pay for boat inspections which among over 100 inspections last year stopped and examined 3 boats entering from infested lakes.
Veliger testing used to be covered by COLA, now it costs BLA $85.00/test.  We are down from 2 to one test per year due to this expense.
Watercraft inspections cost BLA $850 per year (matched by $1000 grant from Emma Township).
Cola water testing is $155 per year    Cola dues are $120 (30 members X $4.00)
Dues total for 2016 was $1200 (30 X $40.00)     Expenses for 2017 are $1210
By the end of this meeting we have 13 members paid.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved and is available upon request

6. New Business

Drainage work was done on the public access.  Pete is in contact with the DNR
Need for Welcome to the Lake info for new residents.  Contact Pete if any new residents.

We need to talk to our neighbors about joining the Blue Lake Association. If unwilling, ask them to make a donation that can be directed toward a specific need eg “boat inspections”, “AIS monitoring”, etc.
Mail donations/dues to (check made out to Blue Lake Association):
Jim Peterson
Blue Lake Ass’n Treasurer
9480 Bataan St. NE
Blaine, MN  55449

Richard Smith gave an update on the Enbridge Line 3

June 16, 2018 next annual meeting.

Social information to follow.  Most likely after August.

Check the website:  submit photos!

Meeting adjoined at 11:15 am.