Blue Lake Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Held June 15, 2019

Call to Order: President Pete Tuomisto called the meeting to order at 9:05
Minutes from 2018 approved
Treasurer’s Report: 
Presented by Jim Peterson
31 Paid Members in 2018 – down one from all time high last year.
Standard expenses such as Boat inspections, Water Quality Monitoring, COLA dues. 
Checking account balance at the end of 2018 was $71.78
5. Bryon Dahl
is maintaining our website at no charge – Thanks to Bryon. 
HYPERLINK ""  Send pictures through Pete Tuomisto to put on the website.
6. Blue Lake Health Report –
17 consecutive years of monitoring. Data is collected 5 times a year and sent to RMB Labs in Detroit Lakes. Both the DNR and Minnesota Pollution Control agency use the data.  Ways to improve the water quality include landscaping so there is a buffer zone leading to the lake, planting Restore the Shore trees and shrubs, and using the Ice Berms as buffers.
Secchi Disc
(measures clarity) slight decrease in the last 3-4 years. Possible reason includes ice berms crumbling into the water, pollen 
levels have been decreasing.
Boat Inspections:
There have been no drain plugs left in boats for the last 4 years – same for vegetation attached to trailers and boats. Continuing education for boaters and fishermen. Blue Lake inspections (100 hours) are centered around the opening fishing weekend, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th weekends, Labor Day weekend.  The rate per hour for inspections has increased from $18.50 to $23.00 mainly to attract quality inspectors.  Trained volunteers are also used (if interested in getting trained as a volunteer contact Pete).  Why doesn’t Blue Lake get state money for inspections?  Less than one boat inspection/hour is Blue Lakes average for inspections.
Emma Township Healthy Lakes Grant: 
We have been getting $1000 per year with BLA paying the balance.  Will try for $1500 next year to help cover the increase in cost per hour for inspections.
      7. Boat Ramp
is getting maintained on a regular basis with gravel being brought in and grading being done to divert the runoff to the rain garden through the culvert. Big issue is the rock piling up in the water where boaters Power Load their boats on the trailers. This causes damage to other boats and trailers – especially pontoon trailers- as they back up and hit the underwater pile of rocks.  DNR has no solution but to repair the area.
8 . Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (HCOLA) Update: 
Review mission.  Coordinate volunteers and surveying of “Eyes On The Water” using PVC collectors for zebra mussels, Spiny Waterfleas (in 8 lakes in Hubbard County) and Starry Stonewort – in Wolf Lake near Bemidji. Don’t hesitate to take in a suspicious sample to the DNR in Park Rapids.
9. Blue Lake Water Level: Dale Stevens has been checking the level weekly during open water season and reporting it to the DNR.  There is continuous data from 1995 to the present.  The level has not varied more than 1.16’ in all that time from its lowest to its highest readings.
10. If interested in becoming the HCOLA Representative contact Pete
11.  Ideas  
Adopt a Hiway      Information Kiosk at the Public Landing                  If interested in exploring these contact Pete.
Next year’s meeting date:  June 13, 2020
Upcoming socials to be announced.
Adjournment: 10:15 am

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